Angelic Communication

A 2012 Message from Archangel Michael - part 2
channeled by Ana Jones
May 3, 2006

I protect you with my sword of truth. It is I, the Archangel Michael that chooses once again to respond to your prayers and to
continue these very important messages that are ultimately one message broken up in many parts. They are for all of humanity and anyone who can hear and chooses to listen.

First, I wish to begin before answering any of your specific questions by telling you that I am protecting you and will continue to do so for the entire rite of passage to come. There is a meditation specifically to work with in Peru and beyond. There is a very special place that you will be guided to, a stone, that is a sacred alter within Machu Picchu. To do this particular meditation and visualization, however, even though it needs to be done there and will have great power and empowerment that comes with the meditation done there, it is to be practiced now anytime before and anytime after and anywhere for anyone who is interested and willing to do so anywhere in the world.

It is a meditation upon my sword; the sword of protection; the sword of truth. Begin by visualizing the blue-violet light that is associated with my presence, invoking me by name and evoking from within yourself your I AM presence: the presence of love and the presence of Divinity that resides within you. Visualize the blue-violet light as emanating from me and filling you with every breath that you take until you become filled with every aspect of your being, resonating and radiating the blue-violet light through your entire being. Visualize my sword of truth, the sword of protection. It is made of light. It is a staff of light. However you can imagine it in whatever shape and form, allow your imagination to open to see it and picture it, however it comes to you. The way in which I am describing it to you today is as a staff of light that once you are in your I AM presence and once you are emanating and radiating the blue-violet light can descend through the crown chakra, opening up the entire energy channel that all of the chakras connect to, descending down through that energy channel known as the shoshona, clearing the pathways. These pathways connect all of the energy centers in the body and all of the energy centers throughout your being. See this staff of light descending and entering through that vertical column from the crown all the way down to the root, stand within it, feel it as your axis, feel it give you strength and support. Feel it bring you balance. Know that it is protecting you because it clears away any obstructions that disconnect you.

I will repeat a message I have been bringing through again and again and until it is learned it will be repeated. Connection is your greatest protection.  Feel that connection not just to me, but also to the light, to the I AM presence, with the earth. Allow the channel to be completely open. Before beginning this visualization and meditation, focus on these words, the specific key words about what you need to feel, the state of being to be within and send those out as your intention. It is also in this state of connectedness that not only are you protected, but you will know your own truth. It is specifically my staff, my sword of truth that will descend in this specific meditation with this specific invocation and intention for such. It will open you to your highest truth and to following that no matter what. Once you are in this state and at this point in the meditation, dedicate and commit yourself to following your truth impeccably, to living in truth impeccably. End the meditation with affirmations accepting your empowerment, accepting your authority that goes with that empowerment and your proper role and relationship as a leader in co-creating with all beings and all earth keepers and then go forward. Do not release the image or the sword. Simply open your eyes and proceed with your lives.

There will be many things that will cause you to lose the connection and patterns that are entrained that will cause the shoshona and the chakras to fluctuate, returning to entrained patterns. However, there will come a time upon doing this meditation when it will not be lost, when it will be the entrainment. Yes, there will be a time in which the veil will be lifted. There are many other meditations and ceremonies that will be a part of this. Some will receive these individually and some will receive them collectively and perform them collectively. It will not happen with everyone at once simultaneously, but through the ripple effect. The veil already grows thinner for many. For some the veil has already been lifted entirely. As the veil grows thinner, there will be a ripple effect for those still deeply covered in the thickness of the veil. Even they will have a choice for it is not something that will be forced upon anyone.

The veil is something that you choose. I know you do not think you want it, but you do because of your fears and anxieties and how strong a presence those energies are within your consciousness. The veil has been used for safety and protection. The veil has been chosen. Also it has been chosen for those who seek to enjoy themselves separate from everything and everyone else to enjoy, but not to have any real, long-lasting bliss. That choice to enjoy separate from everything and everyone else, to please ones own senses and seek pleasure for the sake of pleasure that is ego based. Those choices require the veil. It is only possible to do so covered in the veil of illusion for it is illusion that you can enjoy separate from anything or anyone else. It is illusion that you are separate at all. So much of the illusion of the veil you choose, you choose it and you help create it.  On the desire level, many may feel that they do not want it or do not desire it any longer, but it must be your will for it is only when it is your will that it becomes so. All of the angels and masters working with human kind and the earth at this time, ask all of you to pay attention to that which is your will, to strengthen your will and be very conscious of the choices you are making.

Those who will thrive in the next years to come will be the ones who are making choices to become part of the solution. To make choices to be part of the solution is to make choices out of your comfort zones and to start to live and choose differently for yes, there are many earth changes to come between now and the year you describe in your calendar year as the year 2012.
There are still many things being decided and co-created in each moment as to what some of those will be and how intense some of those will be. There are certain patterns that have already been set into motion that have already begun because of choices already made, choices and actions that have already been taken.

The oceans are rising and they will continue to rise. The temperature is warming and the temperatures will continue to rise. In the greater scheme of things this may seem like a slow process to some. If you look to your own scientists every year they are amazed at how much faster it is happening than they thought or expected. Finding new findings all of the time that show it is happening quicker than anticipated. What has been set into motion with this cannot at this time, be reversed. There is nothing human kind can do to change the patterns that have already been set into motion. However the choices that continue to be made determine the severity.

For example, you ask about a shifting of the poles. What I can tell you about this is that it is being determined by the choices being made within the next 2 years. What I can tell you is that the pendulum is swinging in that direction, but it is not beyond the tipping point. There will come a time that I will speak to and refer to as the tipping point because it is a term that many can relate to at this time. It is a point where the energy shifts and which way it shifts is still being determined. However, I can tell you the direction the energy is moving in at this time, but it will not be made manifest until that tipping point. The pendulum is swinging in the direction, the energy is moving in the direction at this time of a major pole shift within your lifetime. Do not be afraid. You have already intuitively felt this. There are already many signs, the wobble within the earth, the shifting that is already happening with the poles axises. The process that you see and describe as global warming, the rising of the earth’s oceans, the intensities of the hurricanes and earthquakes which will grow in intensity incrementally stepped and staggered over the next few years.

The tipping point is the most important thing. It is when the energy that is building and being created reaches an apex. Beyond the apex is what manifests and is the shift. However the tipping point is a very magical time for at that point, at that apex the energy is most susceptible to being shifted and altered, it is most available to being directed. All of you are being asked to be clear in how you are directing your energies and what you are supporting and choosing. You deserve to choose a comfortable life for yourself and your family, but there is always the greater price that must be at the top of your priority list to look at and perceive, the greater cost beyond the immediate cost of things.

Continue to raise your consciousness. Your spiritual growth and your conscious enlightenment are the single most important thing that can be done. Even though actions do need to be taken to reduce your consumption of fossil fuels and actions do need to be taken to clean the air and water, there is not enough time between now and this tipping point for enough, a critical mass of humanity, to make those kind of actions to make any significant difference. However, there is plenty of time for a critical mass to be reached of those who are enlightened enough, they may not be fully enlightened but they are in certain stages of their spiritual enlightment, empowered as co-creators in that enlightenment to have a profound energetic impact at that tipping point.

As far as the pole shift is concerned, the next 2 years and the choices and decisions being made are critical. The date that you have, that you know as the ending of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012- it is around this time where there will be a great tipping point reached. You will be at an incredible apex in an instant. A critical mass of enlightened beings, of enlightened people working together, co-creating together can take that shift into an entirely different direction. It is around that time that there will be a galactic alignment. Your planet, your solar system will be aligned with the galactic core which it has not been in alignment in such a way for many thousands of years. There will be many who will leave the planet. There will be some who will leave by choice and some who will leave by force. A mass extinction has begun. Many leave by choice, even though it may not seem so. There will be a cleansing regardless of the critical mass. Whatever shift happens there will be a cleansing and the waters will rise regardless, however, it is still to be determined as to exactly how much so. This is the best thing to take from this information, to know that it is not set in stone. It is not determined or predetermined. In the meantime, know the energies you are riding are coming in waves and you must ride them like waves.

There is a great energy sweeping through all of humanity and the earth at this time, forcing change. It is an energy you have called for in response to your prayers, many of you, because you are not choosing to make the changes you need to make on your own. You still choose to learn from the master teacher of suffering. You still choose to learn your lessons through lack. You still choose to make your changes when you have to make them, when there is no other choice but to make them. Those who will thrive, truly thrive, during these times when change will be forced because you have manifested it to be so, will be those who will change freely, adapting to what they know is their highest truth and living that highest truth no matter what it takes. That is one of the definitions of impeccability- no matter what it takes, for those who choose to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Part of the force to change that you are manifesting for yourself is that your economic system will force all of you to be more innovative and creative; to step outside of your comfort zones and create new, more advanced technologies. In the meantime, until they exist, embrace the ones that are available and can be part of the solution in the short term. The force to change that you are manifesting will manifest in a deepening and broadening oil crisis. What I can tell you about this is that there is not as much oil as they say there is. Those who will thrive during the forced changes that you have manifested and called into being will be those who consciously choose to decrease their dependency upon it, who consciously choose new ideas, new innovations and new alternatives. This is only the beginning of what will be, as it is destined that your dependency on this commodity be eliminated. There are so many other options being made available to you. Begin to choose them. Invest in your future by taking the moneys you do have available and investing in things that are a part of the solution. The best investments to make will be in land, sustainability, companies, and corporations that are creating new technologies for sustainable living, and new technologies for restoring the waters and air. (Tape Ends)

Ana mentions important info spoken by AA Michael that did not get on the tape. We have to be willing to let go of everything and anything in the material world. Not that we will be asked to do so, but because it is only when we leave our bodies that we are ultimately asked to let go of everything in the material world, but the willingness must be there in order to have the type of detachment and release from fear that is being asked of us. An awareness that I had was when he mentioned leaving our bodies is that we are going to live and survive through this, but some will thrive and some will just survive it. We have to deal with our fear of death, our fear of dying and our fear of our way of life dying, too, as a part of that willingness to release everything on the material world.

Channeled by Ana Jones on The Subject of 2012
The EarthKeepers and Archangel Michael

Message from The Earthkeepers:

This message today is twofold. First we shall begin revealing ourselves as the ones named the Earthkeepers as we have revealed ourselves in past times in previous messages. We are the ones who are the collective consciousness, the beings overseeing this planet, directing, guiding, the collective consciousness of those who keep the earth energies and direct the earth energies.

There is much more to be understood as to who we are for there is great work to be done in collectively co-creating with us. We are speaking in one voice but we are many, again as we constitute the collective consciousness of all living beings and all spirits working with the earth.

Amongst us are the spirits of the water, the spirits of the soil the earth itself and the firmament, the spirits of the fire, the spirits of the air, all elemental spirits, animal spirits and the list goes on and on- nature spirits of all types, devas associated with all plants and sacred healing herbs- spirits of the trees and mountains, we are many. We speak to you today as one. We are simultaneously individuals and indivisible, one and yet different.

As we have said, there is much more to be understood about us, for there is a great deal of co-creation to be done with us in the time period that you are asking about. Especially the time period between where you are right now in your calendar time and the year 2012 in your calendar time. This is a time period that we see as a Rites of Passage. As has been revealed by the angels and ancients and by so many again and again, this Rite of Passage is a rebirth and a time of co-creation unlike any other in earth’s history.

You intellectually know so many things and we are to remind you that you are part of a vast web of co-creation, a vast web of wisdom that is available to you to access beyond what you intellectually know and this is essential that you access this web of wisdom beyond your intellectual knowledge during this Rite of Passage.

The earth itself, which is why we have been chosen to be the ones to speak first in this message, is going through major transformations. We are to be worked with in that process consciously. There are many humans who are working with us, but most of the ones working with us work with only a select group of us. For example, there are those who are working with the fairy realm, but they are only working with the fairy realm and they are not working with the animal kingdom or the mineral kingdom, or all of us collectively. Another example is that there are those who are working with the spirits of the four directions: the spirits of the North, South, East, and the West and the spirits of the elements. Some may also work with the animals and the mineral kingdom, but leave out many other kingdoms as well and are not working with all of us as a collective.

This is what can seem overwhelming, is comprehending this collective, comprehending how to work with us as a collective. There are many ways and many teachings and ancient practices for working with the individual devas, kingdoms and spirits, but few practices and teachings that exist for working with us all as a collective. We have some things to teach and share about this.

First and foremost begin in your own lives by calling upon us, invoking us as you would invoke the higher beings, the celestial beings, as you invoke the angels, the celestial beings, the Masters, the light beings interconnected with us and yet different from us as they are not as earthbound and earth connected as we are. Call upon us using this term, Earthkeepers. Whenever you call us by this name, you will be invoking our collective energies.

Amongst us are also the ancestors of the sacred lands. However in addition to invoking the name of Earthkeepers in your prayers and spiritual practices, as many spiritual prayers and practices are needed in this co-creation time, this time of passage, in addition to calling upon the name of the Earthkeepers call upon the ancestors, call upon your personal ancestors as well as the ancestors of whatever land you are living upon.

Regardless of where you are in the world, there are ancestors associated with the lands and energies of that place, As above so below. Just as you need the help and assistance of those of the celestial, heavenly realms, you simultaneously need the help and assistance of those in the earthly realms and the ancestor realms and must include them in your prayers and in your invocations.

This journey, this Great Rite of Passage, is a journey into a higher level of wholeness. Many of your fears block you from getting all the information you can receive at this time. However, we are able to speak to you of what is needed most and over time as your fears dissolve and transmute, more and more of our wisdom can be shared and our connection can be experienced. What is important to know is that we are not sharing information as much as we are giving you wisdom and attempting to guide you in experiences.

Every day that goes by more and more of the human race becomes disconnected from nature, from the spirits of the earth, from the energies of the earth, disconnecting themselves on a conscious level even if they do not intend or want to do so. The hectic responsibilities you see in your daily lives and the ways your daily lives are patterned and shaped, pulling you in those directions; every day you must make a conscious effort and this will only become more true as 2012 approaches for you, every year the need for this will grow stronger. Every day you must make a conscious effort to connect with nature and the earth and the spirits and energies of the earth, with all of us.

It is connecting to Nature that will keep you connected to your nature. Nature and the world around you reflect the nature of the world within you and all of the realms within you and aspects of who you are. Without that mirror, without that reflection and connection it is increasingly harder for you to remember yourselves and it will increasingly be harder to do what you are meant to do in each individual role you are meant to play. Human beings are a part of this collective. As we have said we the Earthkeepers are the collective consciousness of all of those who are guiding and directing, of all of those spirits upon and in the earth, influencing and shaping the earth, co-creating the earth plane.

One of the most powerful groups of beings doing this today in the present and in the future that you ask about is the human race, is human kind. You are included. Through an opportunity given us by the Archangel Michael we have been able to communicate through this channel previously, an invitation to all of you, an urging to all of you to accept your seat on this council, to know that you are a part of this council of all beings, you are one of the Earthkeepers.

The process of accepting your seat on this council is the process to consciously choose to connect with nature, choose to connect with us, consciously acknowledge us. Even if it is just as simple as acknowledging the living presence in all things, the living energy in all things on this planet and how it is all interconnected as your science describes, even that acknowledgement is a major step.

Claiming your seat on the council is accepting the role you are playing as a co-creator within this Divine Plan, which is unfolding itself.

We cannot tell you all of what the Divine plan is but we can communicate in regards to the co-creation process we are participating in. Again we extend our invitation for everyone to accept his or her seat on the council that is already theirs. To do so through acknowledgement and to do so through your choice and your will, to do so through your connection. In accepting your empowerment and authority.

There is no accident with the timing of all that is transpiring. You have heard this again and again. Trust in that plan that is unfolding. Accepting your seat on this council is knowing how to work with the powers of co-creation that you have.

There are three primary powers you create with. You will need them fully accessible to you and to use them in this creation process between now and the year 2012 and beyond.

Past the year 2013 there will be more of a full awakening of human potential. You believe you have come out of the dark ages, but in essence, in truth you have not. It is past the year 2013 that you will have emerged out of the dark ages and emerged into the light. Even though this is not going to be an easy transformation and transition for any of us to make, it does not need to bring any more suffering than already exists.

The three primary powers of co-creation that you have to work with are intention, which is one and the same as your will, will focused in the form of intention being the first power.

The second power being your intuition and the third power being your imagination. All three of these powers are becoming activated to their fullest potential especially those who are welcoming that and accepting that and the responsibility and authority that comes with those powers, being fully activated.

We encourage all humankind to accept the full empowerment and the ability of these powers to develop and clear away and end all blockages and obstructions preventing these three powers from synergistically working together individually and collectively.

They are all being used to some degree by everyone. Yet there is not the full strength, the full power, nor is there the synergy, nor is there the authority, responsibility, or accountability that comes with it that is fully understood. There is great accountability when using any of your powers, especially these three.

Imagination, many believe there is no accountability that is necessary for imaginations because that which exists in the imagination is unreal. This is not the case. If something exists in the imagination, it is real; it exists because it exists in the imagination. It may not exist in the 3rd dimensional world or in the 3rd dimensional form, but it exists. You define what is real by that which exists. However, you go further and define that which is real by that which is tangible and measurable however, there is so much more than that which is tangible or measurable.

Every year that goes by you are able to measure something that the previous year you were not able to that you did not believe was real or exists. Your perception of this planet expands because of it. Your expansion of your understanding of the universe is growing because of it. It is foolish to continue to limit your definition of what is real by such terms. If it exists, it is real. It is less limiting, however dreams you disqualify as being unreal. Things that exist in imaginings and intuitions many disqualify as being unreal. They exist.

Take this to heart. If everything that exists in your imagination is real and is in existence in some plane or dimension (even if it is just in the dimension of thought) there is much more accountability that needs to happen with human kind being more accountable for their imaginings, for how you use your imagination and how you use your will. Do not be afraid to use your imagination. Do not be afraid to use your will. But be very aware and conscious and aware and conscientious about using it in harmony and accord with universal laws and principles knowing that for every action there is a reaction, for everything that exists in one plane or dimension there is a ripple effect in another. This is to be proven in your science through super string theory as your quantum physicists have been working on at this time.

We speak about this because it is so important for all of us to be able to co-create with these three powers together, with a unified intention. There is a unified voice that will be guiding us and our intuition and if everyone listens, it will be unique as to how each one of us will be guided specifically, but the voice of the inner teacher, it is one, thus it will be unified. We need to co-create during this Rite of Passage as much as possible even if it is just with a critical mass of us with a unified intention, a unified intuition that is assured if we follow it and follow our hearts. Unified visions within the imagination, imagine that type of unity, imagine what peace really looks like, imagine what peace really feels like.

There will be many things you can use to stimulate your imaginations, many on the earth have shut down their imaginations and tend to have this be their weakest part or use it only to a limited degree. The imagination is the doorway into the creative mind of God, the creative power and potential of God. It is that important and significant!

Many of the Indigo children speak a message about the power of pretending. They are children that do not, as wise as they are, have the full capability of communicating in full what they are ultimately trying to say but some of their messages are powerful regarding this.

The word “pretend” is not a word that many resonate with nor feel that there is power in. What they are instructing and attempting to share is a message about the imagination, imagining and using that imagination. We the Earthkeepers ask those who are willing to hear this and willing to look at this message that is real because it exists to listen to the Indigo Children’s messages and to the messages of all the children. There are many more messages coming from the very special and unique root race of children from which the Indigo are only a part and parcel amongst them. There are many that are teaching and there will be much more we have to say regarding this. As we said in the beginning this message is to be twofold. We release our connection in order to allow for the connection and communication to come from the Archangel Michael as he wishes to speak with you further regarding the things you ask. We love you.
It has been my intention for some time to speak through a series of messages on this most important subject matter that you ask. Today it is just the beginning of many more things I wish the EarthKeepers to speak directly to you and that I wish to speak directly to you. As it was in a series of messages that I spoke some time ago, this is in follow-up and in addition to that. I always encourage whenever possible and as much as possible that our words and messages be put into writing and any and all other forms useful to spreading and disseminating them to others.

The written form is a very powerful form for there is great significance in the written word and your culture, your society treats the written word with great respect and sees it as authoritative. It is with this type of respect that this message needs to be treated and it is with this type of authority that these messages are given and need to be received.

I realize how overwhelming this can be, the process of taking something and transforming it from spoken word received in this manner to something that is manifest in written form. Know that we are patient. At the same time, there is an urgency that you feel strong within your beings. That urgency grows stronger because of the window of time that these messages are applicable for. There are many earth changes that have been happening, global climate change that has been happening before your very eyes that you are experiencing in your lives around you. These are only to increase in the next few years.

I ask you to set aside some time to specifically ask us about these and to be specific in your questions regarding them. These are important messages in and of themselves. Right now in the beginning that you call 2006, this is the most important role you can play is to seek greater insight, higher guidance for the transformation has begun, it has begun long ago and you are in mid-stream of it-- in fact you are nearing the final stages of it.

It is appropriate in the year 2006 to seek that guidance and utilize that guidance to your fullest potential. You have been tested by fire, tested by the waters of your emotions, especially in the last 3 years. Now there will be new energies to work with and you have come full circle through those challenges and are rising to a higher level because of them, stronger in your faith, clearer in your awareness. Give yourselves some time to heal yourselves in this year. Tap the creative power that is going to be present in this year. This year plays a unique role, for in 2006 there is a heavenly creative power available to you within the 3rd dimension that has not been available there before.

Archangel Michael Speaks:

Beloveds, It is I the Archangel Michael at this time that chooses to speak. I have asked the Earthkeepers be the ones first and foremost to respond to your questions. You need not only hear from us. You need to hear from the collective conscious that you, yourselves, are a part of. You need to hear from them, to listen to yourselves and all that you are a part of regarding this transition and what we call the Rite of Passage that is to come.
2012 Messages
from Archangel Michael
channeled by Rev. Ana Jones
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